Hey Bobby, my name is Donny you probably don't remember me but I met you briefly several months back when you came to Duval to share your testimony. I really felt the Spirit move while you were speaking. I'm thankful that you were able to come in there it allowed a lot of guys in a bad situation to see that there is hope. God has done amazing things in my life and continues to do so each and every day.. from the day that I was broken and cried out to God asking for help my life has made a complete turn around. I still fall short make mistakes etc... But I am far from who I used to be all by the Grace of God ...20 months I haven't had drugs alcohol or tobacco in this body and as an old school drug addict I'm sure you know as well as I do that nothing short of God could accomplish that I tried every which way and couldn't overcome but when I cried out to God in Jesus name from that point forward my life began to change I could go on, but you know, you lived it for many years and the Lord saved you also. I've been wanting to catch up with you and cardboard box ministries somewhere. The next time that your in Indianapolis giving your testimony I'd like to come check you out. I want to bring my wife down to here your story. She isn't a believer. Each and every day I try to lead by example and because of what the Lord is doing in my life she has no option but to see the power of God. Every time God is mentioned she gets on the defensive. I don't preach at her just try to continue to walk with the Lord and hope that he will help with the situation. Last week out of the blue she asked if she could go to church with me. She obviously felt awkward or out of place. She wasn't able to see that she was in a room full of sinners saved by Grace I think she felt like she was in a room full of Holy rollers who she couldn't relate to. She still claims she doesn't believe which may be true but by her curiosity and asking to go to church I think somewhere deep down inside she does. I don't say that to her of course because I know that would only push her away. I feel like if I could get her to come with me to hear your testimony it may do some good. We can relate to your story although we weren't on MTV we were rock stars in some aspects sold a lot of dope had a lot of people looking up to us for all the wrong reason brought to the gutters near death and everywhere else low that Satan could drag us. I'm gonna wrap this up I feel like I'm rambling on just let me know where we can come see you at next time your in the area so my wife can here your testimony. I believe her hearing you speak could help her. She will be able to relate to you a little easier than someone who she thinks don't know what its like to walk in her shoes

Indianapolis, IN

Bobby and some friends came to Garden City Rescue Mission last month. He had an incredible story of what the Lord has done in his life. He had every ones attention for the first time I have seen in the two months I have been there. I am homeless and am struggling with employment. His story gave me hope I am at my wits end. Its people like him who make press on. I wish to relocate and was wondering did someone there had an option for me. Thank you God Bless.

Darrell Eubanks
Augusta, GA

Dear Bobby, Just had to tell you and say Thank you. I had a huge problem in my life and couldn’t for the life of me get over it. It has gone on for 50 years. I have tried every single thing I know to solve it. One night a few weeks ago, I was awoken suddenly in the middle of the night and made a coffee and put the TV on. And there you were giving your testimony in the crystal church and then a beautiful song’ bring me Christians’. Of course I was moved but was also inspired by you to just ‘ask’ for the miracle I needed. I enjoyed the programme in the crystal church, then felt tired, and went back to bed. Within a few days, whilst researching my problem, yet again, I clicked on a ‘wrong’ link, then another ‘wrong’ link and there was my answer.In effect, I am totally cured. You told us to just ask for a miracle and I did and I got it. I truly connected with you, as I was homeless for 2 years many years ago and often work with those living on the streets with addictions, I just had to give you my admiration. It has more than possibly saved my life. Either way, I am cured and will cure others with my new found knowledge. Please carry on the amazing work you do, by just being yourself. A truly amazing man and servant of God. Much Love Bobby and Crewe, and when your next in Liverpool UK, please, please do come and say Hi. X (Anyone reading this for hope...please just ask for a miracle, he hears you...Honestly)

Hilda Baker
Liverpool, England

My journey back to God has been a trip that i cannot find the sufficient words to share. I can tell you since I was baptized five years ago that since I let God in he has changed my life. My attitude towards my life and my service to God has made me a completely different person. I know he will lead me and the Bible will teach me to be one with God. I have had so much external success in my life but never did I feel successful until I turned my life over to God. Thank you my Lord for sticking with me. And thank you Cardboard Box Ministries for letting me be a part of you.

Ronald Smith
Carmel, IN

I was a 36 year old prostitute, drug addict living on the streets of Ft. Lauderdale. I believed in God, but always thought God didn't care about me. I ended up in a psychiatric unit filled with disease, bruises and complete brokeness. My Mother said you need help Michelle, I can't watch you kill yourself anymore. In the psych unit they give you a list of Rehabs, so I called The Refugee Ranch, because I thought it would have animals. So I called and this women answered and asked me some questions about my belief in God. She said you know this is a Christian Program? I said yeah whatever that means. Fine. Can I please come? I don't want to die. The woman said yes, so on I went to a bunch of women praying over me which I thought was ridiculous. I stayed for 8 months and learned and seen the magical transformation of myself and many other women that Jesus has done. The one thing I was always running away from Jesus is the only thing that I needed in my life to cure me of my addiction, brokenness and pain.

Michelle Lingenfelter
Sebastian, FL

Like Bobby Hayden, Jr., I was immersed in a life of self. I spent the first fifty years of my life living the life of self-sufficiency and putting my self first. It was all about self. I hit rock bottom in July 2005. I was living for MYSELF 110%! I was seeking release from the troubles of life--working on the problem of existence from my own personal point of view, trying to solve what we experience as the difficulties and frustrations of life. I was seeking release from difficulties that were self-created. I didn't understand that outer difficulties are not the only troubles we suffer; I didn't realize that many of my problems resulted from my own sinful heart. I didn't understand that "good" is NOT good enough. Only by accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior am I born again and saved by grace through faith. It is a gift from God not of works, of which I can't take credit. My life is in Christ. A life of freedom through poverty of spirit and love of God and fellow man.

Bob Hutt
Indianapolis, IN