Community Corrections in Hamilton County Indiana

Here is an excerpt from Bobby’s experience in the Hamilton County Community Corrections:

Last night in the community corrections unit in the Hamilton County jail system I witnessed ministry like never before. A man entered our Bible study cursing the world, saying he wanted to kill people, cut their throat in their sleep and go out in a blaze of glory. The Chaplin’s hand moved closer to his walkie talkie as I was aware that this was truly a devil’s attempt to end some lives. I asked the man if he knew Jesus and the situation calmed down some. I continued using the name of Jesus as much as I could telling the man my testimony of total transformation through Jesus Christ. The man calmed, he said he couldn’t explain why he even came to the Bible study. The conversation became engaged with the Holy Spirit. He admitted his anger issues, his eyes watered , the atmosphered changed. The Holy Spirit was in the house. There were two other inmates on the other side of the room. The Holy Spirit stirred the one fellow to admit he shouldn’t be alive and that only by the Grace of Jesus was he healed of drinking and given a second chance after second chance. He was ministering to the other fellow and then we all touched hands and prayed together and repented and invited Jesus in our heart.

I put 10 bucks in gas in my car, drove only a few miles, and found people who wanted a change in their life, and accepted Jesus as their Lord & Savior. It don’t get any better! Ministry is about changing lives > period! You can do this right here in your own back yard. Free the captives! Be the Church people. You think your helping someone else and you are, HOWEVER, You will receive a peace that is unexplainable IN JESUS NAME, Amen, bobby hayden jr.

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